Her first owner was Dennis H, of Portland, Maine. He ordered the boat and had her delivered to New York in 1984. He named her Sundancer.

In December 1987, she was sold to David J, who worked in New York and renamed her Ty Dewi, David's House, reflecting his Welsh heritage and his name. The name comes from a reference to St David's Cathedral in Wales, and is properly pronounced 'tee dewi', with the 'e' in Dewi being a hard 'e' so it sort of rhymes with ferry. David cruised extensively before retiring six years later and taking her to Grenada from where he cruised the Caribbean living aboard for another six years.

In 2001, David retired from cruising and moved back to the mainland USA, where we hope to meet up with him during our travels in Spring 2008.

Ty Dewi was sold to Dave and Betty B, who were retiring, selling up and wanting to cruise the Caribbean. They had many adventures, spending a lot of time in Venezuala, Dave has kindly shared many of his experiences and thoughts, as well as some photos and logs that he wrote.

The logs are:

And Dave also wrote an article for Lattitude 38, a cruising journal, you can read that here.



In 2005, Dave and Betty put Ty Dewi up for sale, as they were - somewhat reluctantly - returning ashore for a while. She was bought by John B of Dartmouth, and he refitted her in St Maarten, then sailed her to the Azores and then to the UK.

In 2006, John's plans changed and he put the boat up for sale again, which is when we found her and took ownership in March 2006.