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Here's a favourite question:

Q: What's the plan? (asked by: everyone)

A: In August 2007, Nick and his crew will take Ty Dewi down to Tenerife, in the Canaries, a two week crossing. Gesa and the kids will fly down for another two weeks, then we all return to the UK, leaving the boat for a couple of months. Once the hurricane season is over in the Caribbean, Nick and another crew will return and sail for about three weeks from Tenerife to Antigua, and in December Gesa, Issia and Max will arrive there by plane to begin our life aboard. After that it's a winter in the Caribbean, summer cruising the East Coast of the USA, another winter in the Caribbean before getting the boat shipped to Seattle, spending the spring cruising the Vancouver Island area before choosing a community to come ashore to, put the kids into school and find somewhere to live.