Who we are, who we were

A developing view of ourselves. This is the first - from April 2007.

Nick : A business consultant, project manager and engineer. Father of two wonderful kids, husband and provider, business owner, travelling around the UK frequently for work, spending too much time on flights to Aberdeen and trains to London. Keen sailor, trying to get on the water as much as possible but never enough. Big plans and no shortage of vision, but short of attention span and never a completer-finisher.

Gesa : Social, outgoing, stressed, anxious mother of two. Takes on too many projects. Generous and kind. Needs more sleep. Looking for a simpler way of life.

Issie : Extremely social and outgoing 5 year old, precocious but keen to learn and 'do her work'. Loves her friends, flip-flops between 'can't wait to be in Canada' and 'I don't want to be in Canada'. Probably not aware of what living on aboat is going to mean. Thriving on school, beginning to read, lost two front teeth last week. Very busy with ballet, gymbobs, swimming and unending playtime.

Max : Just changed from our little baby to a rough and tumble 3 year old. Stubborn and wilful, he gets himself into plenty of trouble. However, he's sociable, always wants to help and makes a great host. Wants to be on the boat all the time.


Us and our home

Gesa and Issie