Using screensaver feeds

Any of our photo albums can be used to provide pictures for a screensaver. If you are usually connected to the internet, then you can use Google Pictures Screensaver and it will always update with our latest photos from our travels.

We have deliberately set up the 'Screensaver' album to include only photos of places or things of interest, rather than of us or our friends, and each photo has a caption to say what, where and when it was.

To use a feed:

  1. Download and install Google Pictures Screensaver
  2. Copy the RSS feed link from our photo album
    1. Go to the album page: Ty Dewi Screensaver
    2. Scroll down to the end of the photos
    3. Beneath the photos, in the bottom right corner, is a little text link called 'RSS'
    4. Right click on the letters 'RSS' and select 'Copy link location'
  3. Configure the screensaver
    1. Go to the desktop
    2. Right click and select 'Properties'
    3. Select 'Screensaver'
    4. Change the screensaver to 'Google Photos Screensaver' and click 'Settings'
    5. Tick the box labelled 'Photo Feeds' and click 'Configure'
    6. In the first box, right click and select 'Paste' to enter the RSS link from the album.
    7. Click the 'Add' button
    8. Click 'Done'

And that should be that. You can also point the screensaver at folders of your own photos or other internet feeds and it will mix up all the photos displaying them at random. Have fun!